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A New Muscle Girls Calves!



BLOG TITLE: A New Muscle Girls Calves!
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If you are a calf lover then you will be in heavy. Emily's calves are out of this world. So much muscles and so many veins! She is cute and sweet and sexy. A perfect girl with muscle. Just look at her pictures!!! Hope you like her calves as much as me!


If you read this article, you will see there is a sad ending! Emily moves away!


Personally I am a fan of female calf muscles. I think they are very sexy. I am also a fan of the girl next door with muscle, college athlete type. Heather Wollman is my all time favorite muscle girl. Her calves are the best I have ever seen… Until now!

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A New Muscle Girl Calves!

A New Muscle Girl With Amazing Calf Muscles Is Here!!!

Personally I am a fan of female calf muscles. I think they are very sexy. I am also a fan of the girl next door with muscle, college athlete type. Heather Wollman is my all time favorite muscle girl. Her calves are the best I have ever seen… Until now!

Emily Shredz AKA Emily Haggberg is a new female muscle calf model on She has got some serious quads, and calves, and her veins are INSAINE!!!

I first met Emily in the gym. I was in the weight area and she was on the treadmill. From a distance I noticed her leg muscles when she was running, but I didn’t think too much of it. When she was running it was hard to appreciate the size and definition of her legs.

I was curious to see if her legs were as good as I thought they might have been. I stayed in the weight area until she got off the treadmill. My first reaction was; “OH MY GOD” her calf muscle was like a HUGE ball of muscle, and I could see veins… Lots of veins. From a distance I thought it was Heather Wollman… Seriously, She looked just like her!

Instagram: ehaggber

Of course I knew it was not Heather Wollman, but I decided to go and talk to her and ask if her name was Heather. This was just an excuse to get close to her and see her calf muscles close up.

As I walked closer to her, she looked less, like Heather Wollman than I thought, but her calves looked EXACTLY like heather’s. The ball of muscle on her calves was covered in veins.

I spoke to her; “Excuse me, is your name Heather? You look like a fitness girl I follow on Instagram.”

She replied with; “No my name is Emily, I don’t have many followers on Instagram”

I got my phone out and said I would follow her, and asked for her Instagram name; “ehaggber.” Her Instagram pictures displayed a lot of pictures of her legs. She had a lot of calf muscle pictures, and her veins were INSANE!!!

Instagram: ehaggber

She could tell by my reaction that I liked her muscles. I was literally shaking from excitement and it was kind of difficult to talk. She started to laugh, which was cool because I didn’t creep her out!

I put my phone away and complimented her on her leg muscles. Then I shown her a picture of Heather Wollman’s calf muscles from and said they look similar. Emily replied with; “you should see what mine look like after I work them out..”

I was trying to keep my cool, but it is hard when a muscle girl like Emily was being so nice and cool about her leg muscles! I asked her if she thought her calves were bigger than Heather Wollman’s and she replied with; “hell yes!!!”

She showed me a picture that was not in Instagram of her legs… OH MY GOD I had not seen anything like it. Her quads were so pumped and HUGE and they had veins on her quads. Her calf muscles were HUGE. I have never seen so many veins on a calf muscle before!!!

Instagram: ehaggber

At this point I knew I couldn’t keep my cool. I was getting too excited and I needed to calm down… But Emily was not letting me. She started to flex her quads and calves IN PERSON! I couldn’t believe it. A hot muscle girl was flexing the best calf muscles I have ever seen, right in front of my eyes!

I wanted to touch, kiss, and worship her leg muscles. I wanted to run my tongue all over her veins. I wanted her to squeeze me with her legs as hard as she could so I could feel her strength and power. BUT unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I didn’t want to freak her out. I gave her my phone number and told her to text me.

A New Muscle Girl Calves!

She actually messaged me, but with bad news. She was only visiting family and had all ready gone back home. She lived miles away. This obviously made me very sad. All the amazing muscle girls live so far away!

I asked to buy some custom videos of her flexing her legs, and I paid her for them. She sent me two videos and I LOVED THEM. OMG she has the best calf muscles ever! I contacted because they whole world MUST see her calves! contacted Emily, and she sent them videos. Trust me when I say you MUST watch them. If you are a fan of Heather Wollman’s calf muscles, you will be a fan of Emily’s calf muscles!

I am a fan of muscle girls that are athletic, like a girl next door with muscles. I am a fan of calf muscles with veins. Emily is my new favorite muscle girl. I honestly think I like her more than Heather Wollman. Hopefully one day she comes back into town!

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