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The Best British Female Muscle Models


BLOG TITLE: The Best British Female Muscle Models
FEATURED MODELS: Hayley, Julia, Sarah, Silvana


You get to see videos and pictures of some of the hottest female bodybuilders in the UK. Hayley Brylewski is looking gorgeous. Julia Gel is a muscle url with attitude. Sarah Williams has style, and Silvana Imbrogno is a huge FBB.


We have nominated 4 British female muscle models and are trying to decide which FBB featured in this female muscle video is the best in Great Britain. We have selected 4 of our most muscular British female bodybuilders.

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Best British Female Bodybuilders

Whenever we blog about “best” or “hottest,” it is always opinion based. Today we are talking about the best female bodybuilder in Great Britain. Since all of these models are Muscle Appeal models, we are being 100% bias with our opinion! Only joking! We are only featuring our models simply because this is a Muscle Appeal blog and we don’t want to mislead our fans.

Even though we are only featuring our own female muscle models. The FBB’s wouldn’t be much different if we were to pick any female bodybuilder in the UK. Silvana won first place in women’s bodybuilding at the 2013 UKBFF British finals. Hayley placed second in women’s physique at the 2013 UKBFF British final’s, and is competing at the 2014 Arnold Amateur in Columbus Ohio. Sarah has qualified for the 2014 UKBFF British finals. Our female muscle models are up there will some of the more famous and well-known British female bodybuilders we all love.

Out all the models featured in this female muscle video, who do you think is the best? Who do you think should win first place in this category of best British FBB’s? Do you choose…

  1. Hayley
  2. Julia
  3. Sarah
  4. Silvana

Muscle Girls Flexing

Silvana has the biggest muscles. Sarah is unique and she stands out. Hayley is gorgeous, and Julia is a sexy muscle girl with attitude. It is too tough for us to call it. Who do you think is the best British female bodybuilder on

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