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Eleonora Dobrinina: Toronto Pro 2016



BLOG TITLE: Eleonora Dobrinina: Toronto Pro 2016
FEATURED MODELS: Eleonora Dobrinina
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Eleonora Dobrinina is one of the most fun and energetic muscle girls to be around. She is also one of the sexiest muscle girls! Female muscle fans can't get enough of her, and we have more videos and pictures of her!


Unfortunately we did not book her for a real photo / video shoot. She was extremely busy. Maybe another time.


Eleonora Dobrinina was competing at the Toronto Super Pro Show 2016. We seen her backstage. She looks as amazing in person as she does in her photos. Watch her pump up backstage and her routine on Exclusive footage and pictures!

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Eleonora Dobrinina: Toronto Pro 2016

Eleonora Dobrinina Backstage and On Stage At The Toronto Pro 2016

Eleonora Dobrinina always shows off her personality whether it is on her Instagram posts, or on stage when she is competing. She is always energetic, she is always having fun, and she is always sexy!

Eleonora Dobrinina is always a fan favorite among us female bodybuilder and muscle girl fans. Even though she posts a substantial amount of photos and videos on her social media, we still want more of her!

Unfortunately we did not get to work with Eleonora Dobrinina at the 2016 Toronto Pro Show, but we did manage to get some backstage footage and pictures of her routine.

If you are wondering how well she did at the 2016 Toronto Pro? She placed 5th overall. Not too bad for her first pro show, but we thought she would have placed better than what she did. She looked amazing on stage!

Eleonora Dobrinina: Toronto Pro 2016

As you can see Eleonora Dobrinina is an EXTREMELY hot muscle girl and an amazing competitor. No wonder many FBB fans love her. We will meet her again at another show in the future, and next time we will try our best to work with her.

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