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Female Muscle Fantasy Documentary


BLOG TITLE: Female Muscle Fantasy Documentary
FEATURED MODELS: Lindsay Mulinazzi, Donna Logue,
PHOTO CREDITS: Louis Theroux
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It is interesting to watch other men speak freely about their desire for female muscle with out any shame.


This documentary is categorizes as "weird" as it is featured on Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends TV Series.


This documentary is about the fantasies that men have about desirable muscular women. Fine out why muscle women are awesome. Are you ashamed, or do you speak freely about female muscle?

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Female Muscle Documentary

Hello Muscle Nation! I (the owner of Muscle Appeal) am excited to be blogging about this topic. For a long time I have been searching and struggling to find a certain documentary that I once saw many years ago about female bodybuilders. I have watched many documentaries about FBB’s, but this one is about the fans and fantasies of female muscle!

I had watched a documentary on TV about understanding why men are attracted to female bodybuilders. At the time I was shamed to admit my own desire for female muscle. This documentary aired in 2000 on BBC2 and ever since it came on TV I have been unable to find it again. I wanted to watch it again for many reasons:

  1. I am no longer ashamed to admit my desire for muscular women.
  2. I have personally met some of the people featured in the documentary.
  3. I find it interesting to watch other men talk about their female muscle fantasies with no shame.

I have searched for this documentary for many years with no success. It is hard to search for something when you don’t even know what it was called, however recently I found it and I have watched it, and now I am sharing it with our fans!

FBB Documentary Story Line

Louis Theroux is attempting to explore the fantasies of female muscle worship. He is trying to understand why men like female muscle. He attends a live video shoot hosted at Charles Peeples family estate, which he appears as a victim in an production movie; featuring female domination.

The Jan Tana Classic bodybuilding show was also featured in this documentary, which he attends to find out more about the lifestyle of female bodybuilders. He meets the fans at the convention and at the pre judging of the female bodybuilding event. Louis Theroux goes into detail, and explores every realm of female muscle including; private sessions, photographers for websites, and finds out the reason as to why men are ashamed to admit their female muscle fantasies.

Female Bodybuilder Cast & Credits

  • Maria Calo – Female bodybuilder competitor
  • Tatiana Butler – Explaining the world of sessions
  • Lindsay Mulinazzi – Actress in the female domination video shoot
  • Stacey Garinzik – Model & common reference for FBB desirability

Louis Theroux Weird Weekends “Bodybuilding” Season 3 Episode 4. BBC2

I am not being paid to say this, and in no way is Muscle Appeal or I endorsed or affiliated with the BBC or Lious Theroux. I am simply advising you that I strongly suggest finding a legal way to watch this documentary. I have included the link where you can purchase it on iTunes:

Louis Theroux Female Bodybuilding Documentary Link iTunes

Now that you have watched the short preview clip, I will advise you that the full documentary is much better! I love this clip. It makes me laugh when the British host (Louis Theroux) couldn’t understand the southern American accent from the guy that stated, “muscle women are awesome.” I also found it hilarious that Mark was able to freely express his desire for female muscle. In Mark’s own words: “I think they look like goddesses,” and “big well developed arms and legs” when describing his ideal woman.

This is a documentary about men’s fantasies of female muscle. The men featured in this documentary all have one thing in common, and that is; they are not afraid to admit or express their interest in female bodybuilders. As a result, they are all married, dating or are “friends” with female bodybuilders.

Don’t be ashamed to admit your interest of female muscle (In person, online doesn’t count.) If these guys can do it, so can you. Maybe as a result you to could end up dating your dream woman, which is a desirable muscular woman.

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