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Female Muscle In Vegas!



BLOG TITLE: Female Muscle In Vegas!
FEATURED MODELS: Heather Grace, Krista Dunn, Natalie Newhart, Patricia Gosselin
PHOTO CREDITS: Jason Lynch, Dan Ray
WRITTEN BY: Muscle Appeal
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Every year thousands of female bodybuilders, and muscle girls gather together in one place. The Mr Olympia Bodybuilding Event! There are thousands of muscular women, all in one room. We were there working with these muscular women!


Every year thousands of female bodybuilders, and muscle girls gather together in one place. The Mr Olympia Bodybuilding Event! Check out the latest models that we worked with on!

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Female Muscle In Vegas!

Female Muscle At The Olympia Bodybuilding Event 2016

Every year in Las Vegas lots of female muscle chicks gather for the biggest bodybuilding event in the world; The Olympia! Even though the Olympia is the biggest and best bodybuilding event in the world, it is also the biggest pain in the ass to work, and try to recruit new female muscle models.

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The main reason the Olympia bodybuilding event is hard to work, is because there are many photographers trying to work with the same muscle girls. There are only very few female competitors, and even fewer physique girls and female bodybuilders.

There are many muscle girls that are not competing that have traveled to the Olympia bodybuilding event just to watch. However, it is impossible to know who will be attending prior, and booking these muscle girls can be difficult. The main reason anyone goes to Las Vegas is to enjoy themselves, including muscle girls. They don’t plan on working for modelling opportunities.

Of course there are few female muscle models that are available to work at the biggest bodybuilding event of the year, and we worked with some of the best!

Heather Grace

Heather Grace is a female physique competitor that was competing at the 2016 Mr Olympia competition. She finished 6th overall, which is very good. She is the 6th best Women’s physique competitor in the entire world!

Heather Grace was very professional to work with. Sometimes it is hard to get to know the models properly because of the limited time available. Anyone competing at the Olympia is very busy, and their time is valuable. Heather was a professional model and did a great job.

Krista Dunn

Krista Dunn is a female figure competitor that was competing at the 2016 Mr Olympia competition. Unfortunately, Krista Dunn did not do very good. She placed 16th overall. It is still an achievement to compete on the Olympia stage. It is a dream for most competitors.

Krisa Dunn has a lot of followers and fans. During the modelling, her fans kept interrupting to take pictures and to meet Krista. She looked great, and many FBB fans kept telling her how great she looks. I feel sorry for the photographer, no one ever tells him how amazing he looks!!!

Natalie Newhart

Natalie Newhart was not competing. Natalie is a crossfit athlete that is switching over to bodybuilding. She was visiting the 2016 Mr Olympia event to network with people, and to watch the biggest bodybuilding event in the world. Natalie was a great, and unique find. We are proud to feature Natalie Newhart on

Natalie Newhart was a special find. She is an amazing muscle girl, with an amazing personality. Surprisingly this was her first ever photoshoot! She has never done any modelling before. Naturally she was nervous and shy at first, but once she got comfortable, Natalie was AWESOME!

Patricia Gosselin

Patricia Gosselin was another muscle girl that was in Las Vegas to watch the 2016 Mr Olympia competition. Patricia had competed 2 weeks prior to the Olympia, and was still in top shape. In-fact, Patricia Gosselin was in even better than contest shape. Her muscles looked more full and thick, and she was not covered in the fake tan.

The modeling with Patricia Gosselin almost didn’t happen! There was a major miss communication, and we forgot to tell her to meet at a new location. She shown up at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas, and we were waiting for her at the Orleans Hotel. Ooooops!!! Luckily we realized our mistake, and paid for her taxi to come meet us! Patricia was cool about it, and she looked amazing. We are happy she went out of her way to find us and make the modeling happen!

Female Muscle In Vegas!

There you have it. These four muscle girls are the new future female muscle models to be featured on We believe that we worked with world class female muscle in Las Vegas! Overall it was a positive event. Not only did we work with new female muscle models, but we made new friends. 

Did you enjoy this article? We love female muscle. We love to write about it, and talk about it! If you love female muscle as much as we do, then make sure to watch your VIP Members videos!

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