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The Shock Value of Female Muscle


BLOG TITLE: The Shock Value of Female Muscle
FEATURED MODELS: Alison Sinclair, Heather Wollman


Have you ever been shocked before when you have seen a muscle girl? Was it because of her veins? her bicep peaks? The size of her calf muscles? We like the feeling of being shocked, and excited when we see something unreal that is female muscle related... Do you like that too?


We have all had that feeling of shock when you see a new female bodybuilder or muscle girl that makes you say OMG!!! We explain in detail what the shock value of female muscle is!

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Shock Value of Female Muscle

Female Muscle That Shocks The FBB World

In some of our female muscle video descriptions, we refer to something we like to call: “The Shock Value.” This makes a muscle girl extra sexy! Essentially the “shock value” is when you are not expecting a female with muscles to be as big, defined or as sexy as they appear.

Alison Sinclair Picture:

A perfect example of the shock value of female muscle would be one of our models; Alison Sinclair. When she is not flexing you will notice that she is lean and fit. She has an athletic toned body. However when Alison flexes her biceps, the peak in her arms literally grow a few inches! When Alison flexes her biceps, they look like tennis balls. This unexpected shape and size is shocking. When we first posted a video of Alison, she shocked the world with her biceps, and the FBB world loved it!

Heather Wollman Picture:

Another great example would be Heather Wollman’s calf muscles. In 2007 there was a Facebook group called “Heather Wollman’s calves are absolutely anomaly.” This Facebook group had pictures, which made the female calf muscle lovers freak out over how sexy Heather Wollman’s calves were. Even though Heather’s unique ripped calves got a lot of attention in 2007 they were not “shocking” enough. We had revealed new pictures of Heather Wollman’s calf muscles in 2013, which did shock the female muscle community. There was no activity from Heather since 2007. None of the FBB fans could anticipate the new size of muscle that Heather Wollman possessed. Her calves grew the size of baseballs, but with veins bulging out! No one expected Heather Wollman’s calves to grow that big. It is that unexpected feeling which we call; “the shock value of female muscle.”

Muscle Girls Flexing

Any female bodybuilder or muscle girl can have the shock value. It could come from unexpected muscle gains. All of a sudden your favourite muscle girl can become more ripped than ever and have veins like a road map. Basically any FBB or muscle girl that can make you say HOLY S#&T, and leave you extremely excited with your heart pumping fast is the shock value of female muscle!

Did you enjoy this article? We love female muscle. We love to write about it, and talk about it! If you love female muscle as much as we do, then make sure to watch your VIP Members videos!

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