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Female Muscle Videos – Busted!


BLOG TITLE: Female Muscle Videos - Busted!
FEATURED MODELS: Hayley Brylewski, Jennifer O'Brown, Alison Sinclair
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Some of the reactions we recieve can be funny, and in some instances priceless! We love Hayley's reaction... She had her head down playing with her hands. Obviously SOMETHING just went on, but the people who caught us had no clue what!


When we are filming our female muscle videos for our FBB fans, sometimes we get caught. This is a behind the scenes videos of the times we got busted filming a muscular woman!

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Busted! We Got Caught With An FBB

Busted During A Female Muscle Video Shoot

Every FBB fan is shy about their female muscle fantasies, and we are no different. Most men will never approach a muscular girl in person, and we understand why. The thought is terrifying! Image if she thinks you are a freak because you like her muscles. Even if she likes you, now you have to go in public with a muscular woman. The only reason men are shy to admit their female muscle fantasies is because the mainstream society has not accepted the muscular woman look, therefor it is “weird.” Believe us, we get some weird looks, and weird behaviour when we do our modeling shoots, and sometimes it gets caught on camera!

What must the people think we were doing during the video with Hayley?! We have professional cameras. There is a girl flexing not wearing much. When they came around the corner, we jumped and it looked like we just got caught masturbating! Would you know what was going on if you didn’t like, or know anything about female muscle?

When we were by the indoor hotel pool with Jennifer there a man that would keep opening the doors. It was strange. He would keep opening the doors and closing them. We believe he was the genitor, because he was also making a lot of noise in the staff room next to the pool. We had permission to film in the hotel. Maybe he was an FBB fan that was trying to peek in? Who knows, but he was acting very strange making Jennifer feel uncomfortable.

There were a couple of accidences when shooting female muscle videos with Alison. Only one was caught on camera. We were in an underground car park, and there was a guy in a sports car revving his engine every time Alison would flex her biceps. Ok, we get it. He is obviously using his car to attract her attention. It might have worked if his car was actually good! He probably liked muscular women. We don’t like to make fun out of other FBB fans, but you have to admit this guy was being a douche bag.

Another incident with Jennifer was hilarious! If you listen closely to the video you can hear a man running and saying; “I’m being chased by a giant bee.” He didn’t purposely disturb us during our female muscle video, but it was a funny moment that was caught on camera.

Muscle Girls Flexing

At first when we started doing public modeling shoots with female bodybuilders it was terrifying that we might get caught, or what people might think. It doesn’t bother us anymore. In-fact we have done some of the most public shoots without any fear. We did a shoot at the London tower bridge, and had thousands of people staring and taking pictures of us. We did a shoot downtown Toronto, and many others. Even though public shoots with muscular women don’t bother us anymore, we still don’t like getting caught.

Most of our shoots are private, but sometimes private shoots are not an option. We like to to change the scenery, which usually involves going somewhere more public. When this happens we risk getting busted filming a muscular woman.

Most of the time taking photos and videos of a muscular woman is never a problem, and the reactions and comments are usually positive. Every now and then you get some negativity, and people strange looks. We have had some funny moments and some annoying moments filming our female muscle videos. This is just what we caught on camera.

Did you enjoy this article? We love female muscle. We love to write about it, and talk about it! If you love female muscle as much as we do, then make sure to watch your VIP Members videos!

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