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Heather Wollman’s Calves Are Absolute Anomaly


BLOG TITLE: Heather Wollman's Calves Are Absolute Anomaly
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PHOTO CREDITS: Heather Wollman (Selfie)
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Heather Wollman's calves are massive. They are at least 3 times bigger than what was posted back in 2006. They have grown an unbelievable amount!


There is absolutely nothing bad that can be said about Heather Wollman's calf muscles! Her Calves are massive, and stunning.


Ever since Heather Wollman’s Facebook group of hr calves was posted in 2006, Her fans have been waiting for Heather to posts new pictures of her legs. The wait is now over. We have elusive new pictures of Heather Wollman’s calves.

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Heather Wollman’s Calf Muscle

Many FBB fans especially female leg muscle lovers have fallen in love with Heather Wollman’s calves. In 2006 there was a transition of MySpace users becoming new members of Facebook. Many female muscle fans would use MySpace to look up muscular women. MySpace was great for finding muscular gymnasts, or a girl next door with muscle. At the time Facebook was being used in the similar fashion as MySpace to recruit muscular women.

The new interface of Facebook offered more useful searching tools than MySpace especially with the new groups feature, which was new to everyone. Many female muscle fans had typed in “Female Calf Muscles” and the group that appeared was called “Heather Wollman’s Calves Are Absolute anomaly!!” Ever since this group was made in 2006 Heather Wollman’s calves have become legendary.

Muscle Girls Flexing

Heather Wollman has been nice enough to send us exclusive new pictures of her calf muscles. We have been friends with Heather for a while, as there have been talks for her to become a model for She has sent us these pictures as an update for her to show us her progress. As you can see her progress is truly unbelievable as Heather has some of the biggest female calf muscles in the world.

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Original Facebook Group Of Heather’s Calves

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It is easy for women to feel out of shape in the fitness lifestyle. Heather Wollman is no exception. despite her massive calf muscles, she feels as though she is not gaining the results she wants. Show your support and comment if you like her muscles and her body, that will help Heather gain more confidence and motivation to build the biggest female calf muscles of all time!

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