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Mandy Idela: Exclusive Interview


BLOG TITLE: Mandy Idela: Exclusive Interview


Did you know that Mandy was 15 when she first started at the gym? Even at a young age she naturally has good biceps. In this article you can learn more about Mandy and her past. Get to know the gorgeous Mandy Idela from!


Mandy Idela is a popular female muscle model on Many of our FBB fans want to know Mandy’s background. We asked Many some questions and she answered in this exclusive interview.

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Mandy Idela: Exclusive Interview

Questions And Answers of Popular Female Muscle Topics

Mandy Idela is a popular female muscle model on Many of our FBB fans want to know Mandy’s background. We asked Many some questions and she answered in this exclusive interview. Mandy is talking about how she gained muscles, her competition history and some advice on how to date a muscular woman!

How Did You Get Started With Building Muscle?

I was 15 when I started working out in a gym. I was self-conscious about my body and I wanted to be as skinny as I could ever get. The summer prior I had spent in Texas visiting my Aunt and looking after my cousin on school vacation and during this time I would do Billy Blanks Tae Bo every day. I ate very little calories and I was slimming down a lot but I didn’t see it for myself. I returned to Ontario where I lived to go back to school and joined a gym with a friend of mine. I eventually was going religiously on my own without her and I only did cardio and abs. I ran for an hour very fast and members would always ask what I was training for, and I had no reason. I met a personal trainer at that gym who offered to train me for free if I entered a bodybuilding competition. I had no idea about bodybuilding or a woman’s physique with muscle prior to learning from him. I then changed my desire of a skin and bones physique to a muscular and athletic physique. I had to learn about nutrition from a different perspective then just trying to reduce caloric intake. I lifted weights from that moment onwards.

Do You Have An Athletic Background?

I don’t know if you would say I have an athletic background in that I wasn’t in competitive sports.  I played on all the sports teams in my grade 7 year and when in high school didn’t make the teams as there were a lot more females to try out. I was on the high school Rugby team. I was on the top of my class in gym and exercise science, especially when it came to lifting weights, LOL. I excelled and the teacher was even at some points testing my Max and astounded.  I did one bodybuilding show at age 16/17 and after that I joined an entertainment wrestling federation and performed live shows and we shot a pilot episode to attempt a TV show that didn’t end up getting picked up.

What Is Your Best Feature?

My best feature has been my arms, even when they weren’t as developed as now they always been noticeable. I use to get asked if I was a gymnast and woman would always say they want arms like me. Now that I stepped up the game and really dove into the bodybuilding world, men now envy my arms too. They are a feature on me I am genetically gifted with. I often get complimented on my nice biceps peaks. They now however limit me to a lot of clothing as they don’t fit in a lot of sleeves, LOL.

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Which Category Do You Compete In?

I compete in Woman’s Physique.  I switched over from figure. I basically completed one year figure and then one year physique. I noticed that my arms were too big and not suited for the figure category. I decided to switch to women’s physique as I had too much muscle for figure.

What Is Your Competition History?

November 2013 OPA London Regional:  Figure Short – Last Place
March 2014 OPA Markham Regional: Figure – 1st Place
June 2014 OPA Ontario Championships: Figure – 10th place
Aug 2014 OPA Barrie Naturals Regional: Figure 4th Place
Aug 2014 OPA Barrie Naturals Regional: Physique – 2nd Place
May 2015 OPA Mississauga Open: Physique – 2nd place
June 2015 OPA Ontario Championships: Physique 7th place

Do You Have A Funny Story of Your Muscles Causing Attention?

I can’t think of a particular funny story at the moment, but I do get a kick out of the small reactions when I work out at the gym and I am lifting the same weight as the guys next to me and catch them secretly looking over and comparing to themselves.  I hope that it motivates them more than discourages though.

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Name Three Places Where A Man Can See Muscular Women?

  1.  The Gym
  2. A Supplement Store
  3. A Bodybuilding Event

What Advice Can You Give To Men That Are Attracted To Female Muscle For Dating A Muscular Woman?

My advice to men that are attracted to female muscle, is do not be secretive of what you like. There should be no shame, and if you like a muscular women the best place to find her is at the gym. Don’t ever interrupt her in the middle of a workout. I you want to talk to her start small and short conversations because she is there to spend her time doing work, not socializing, so be respectful of it and let the rapport build organically. Start with smiles.  Maybe a “hi” here and there. Offer a spot if it looks like she’s trying to push herself on a certain set, or if she is trying to video herself, or take a selfie of her workout, offer to help. Maybe you could ask her for a spot if you are struggling with a set. Maybe say something cute and innocent like: “Hey can you spot me? You look really strong and that you would be a good spotter.”  But again don’t take up too much of her time. She is a muscular woman and she is there to workout hard.

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