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Mandy Idela: Funny Feet Story


BLOG TITLE: Mandy Idela: Funny Feet Story


You get to see bonus pictures of Mandy Idela's feet and pictures of her on stage. You get to know the personality behind Muscle Appeal, and Mandy Idela!


Mandy FBB fans ask for custom female muscle video and picture requests. We were taking pictures of Mandy’s feet on the same day as her female bodybuilding competition. Things were going great, and as to plan until…

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Mandy Idela: Funny Feet Story

Almost Getting Caught Photographing Feet!

I am not personally a very smooth character. I always get caught for everything I do, and I seem to fail at being “cool.” Generally I get caught and embarrass myself, especially when I am up to no good! When I was photographing Mandy’s bodybuilding competition, I managed to fail and embarrass myself with style!!!

The summer of 2014 was the year I first met and worked with Mandy Idela. We did a lot of photo and video modeling for and Mandy was getting introduced to the world of female muscle, and she was getting many custom requests from the female muscle fans.

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Many FBB fans were offering to pay Mandy for custom female muscle photos and video clips. A fan contacted wanting high definition photos of Mandy’s feet, very close up, and many different angles. No problem at all, this is a common request, and Mandy was happy to show off her feet.

The next time I was due to meet Mandy was at her female bodybuilding competition July 5th 2015. I was one of the photographers at the female bodybuilding event. My job was to photograph all of the competitors on stage. Once again this is no problem, I photograph many bodybuilding events.

The day of Mandy’s competition came, and Mandy and I meet to record some custom female muscle videos, and take pictures of her feet for the FBB fans.

Mandy Idea: Female Muscle Feet

After we finish recording videos and taking pictures, I wish Mandy luck, and tell her I will get great pictures of her competing onstage as well.

This is when I notice a problem… I forgot my spare SD memory cards. This means the pictures of Mandy’s feet are going to be mixed with the pictures of the competition.

The president of the bodybuilding event is expecting me to give him my SD memory card at the end of the show, so he can upload the images right away. Obviously I cannot do this because I know he will see pictures of Mandy’s feet.

I am thinking about deleting the pictures of Mandy’s feet, because I do not want her to get caught. Mandy is worried that it might affect her progress with her bodybuilding competitions, and fitness career.

I decided not to delete them. I thought; “I am going to be a man and deal with the embarrassment and the consequences.”

The female bodybuilding competition ended. Mandy finished 2nd place. I took pictures of the event, and was packing away my camera equipment. I was getting my SD memory card ready to hand over. I was getting ready for the embarrassment.

At least I have the balls to deal with the embarrassment and consequences right? Actually no… I RAN AWAY!!!

I saw the president of the bodybuilding event talking to someone else. My camera equipment was all packed away. I sneaked out and drove home! Once I was home I was able to sort the pictures and upload them myself.

Mandy Idela: Female Bodybuilding Competition

I learned a valuable lesson. Always take backup equipment. Of course I did not learn not to do embarrassing things! I just think it is funny, that I am a grown man, and I am still acting like I am in high school escaping a teacher!

Many FBB fans believe that working for a female muscle website is a dream job. It is a dream job. But you have to be pretty brave and open about your desire for female muscle. You have to be prepared to get embarrassed when people don’t approve. Or you can just run away, like me!

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