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Nathalie Falk FBB Video Interview With Flexing


BLOG TITLE: Nathalie Falk FBB Video Interview With Flexing


Nathalie Falk IFBB pro has collaborated with Muscle Appeal for this interview, and her muscles are big and ripped.


What can possible be bad about a huge FBB with massive biceps, answering educational bodybuilding questions?


We get female bodybuilding related questions asked daily. We thought the best way to answer them is to get the pro’s to answer them. This FBB video interview is with Nathalie Falk, IFBB women’s physique pro competitor.

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Nathalie Falk FBB Exclusive Interview

Nathalie Falk is a Woman’s Physique Pro from Germany. We had the pleasure on meeting Nathalie in person at the Toronto Super Pro Show 2013. There are many topics in the female bodybuilding world that we wanted to cover in this interview. We got the chance to ask a pro female bodybuilder about popular discussed topics in the fitness community. We get asked these types of questions on a daily basis, and to give you better answer we got Natalie Falk, a woman’s physique pro to answer these questions.

Nathalie Falk FBB Exclusive Interview

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Q) You are a woman with huge calves. How can a female build massive calf muscles?

A) Female calf muscles can be tricky to build. You need to know your own body through experience with training. Once you are familiar with your own body, you can then decide what exercises work best for you. Many female bodybuilders have great genetics, and do not need to train their calf muscles very often. On the other hand, if you have trouble building your calves I found lifting heavy for as many reps as possible works best for me.  Train consistent and hard, and eventually you will get the results.

Q) What is your favorite body part?

A) My favorite body part is my chest. It is my strong point. I like the side chest pose, and I score high on my chest poses at Woman’s bodybuilding competitions. My favorite exercise is bench press. My favorite body part to train is my chest, and my favorite pose is chest.

Q) What is your second favorite body part?

A) My calves are my second favorite body part. I enjoy training them, and female calves look good because it makes the legs look strong, and gives them more shape and beauty.

Q) What is the difference between women’s physique, and female bodybuilding?

A) The main difference between women’s physique, and female bodybuilding is the appearance, and the amount of muscle needed to compete in that particular category. There are many women with muscle that are too muscular for figure, and not muscular enough for female bodybuilding. When women’s physique was first announce it benefited many women, and it is helping promote the industry for the girls. These days it is becoming more “normal” for girls to have muscle.

Q) Do you measure you muscles to track your progress?

A) I use the mirror to track my progress. Many new FBB’s become obsessed with measuring, and tracking their weight. This can become over whelming, as the results with women’s bodybuilding are slow.  If you are always measuring it is not motivating if you don’t see any big changes. I use the mirror, and my coach.

Q) Other than female bodybuilding workouts, do you do any other styles of training?

A) No. The only style of training I do is women’s bodybuilding. That is my passion, and it is what I live for. For me women’s bodybuilding is the best sport.

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We would like to give a big shout out to Nathalie Falk for giving us the opportunity with this exclusive FBB video interview. Nathalie travelled all the way from Germany to Canada to compete in the IFBB Women’s Physique, in Toronto 2013. She had placed 6th, which is very good for the level of competition that she was up against. Even with travelling 5000 miles to a foreign country with no access to a kitchen, and unfamiliar with the foreign gyms. Nathalie Falk still managed to finish 6th place.  It is quite remarkable for a woman bodybuilder like Nathalie Falk to be that dedicated, and still finds the time to meet with us.  Thank you Nathalie Falk. Female bodybuilders are awesome. You Rock!

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