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New Models: IFBB Orlando Europa 2016


BLOG TITLE: New Models: IFBB Orlando Europa 2016
FEATURED MODELS: Brittany Snell, Diana Schnaidt, Erin Knecht, Esther Kelly, Karla Rodriguez, Rosalyn Dudding
WRITTEN BY: Jason Lynch


We love Orlando. the bodybuilding event is genuinely a great event to watch. It has amazing athletes from all over the world, and since Florida is close to the Caribbean you get more exotic muscle girls at that event, what's not to like! Ohhhhhhh and of course DISNEY WORLD!!! We always have lots of fun in Orlando!


When we announce that will be attending a bodybuilding event on our social media, many of our FBB fans want to know which models we plan on working with. They can’t wait to see pictures of these new female muscle models!

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New Models: Orlando Europa

New Female Muscle Models At the IFBB Orlando Europa 2016!

When we announce that will be attending a bodybuilding event on our social media, many of our FBB fans want to know which models we plan on working with. They can’t wait to see pictures of these new female muscle models. We have decided to post an article in our female muscle blogs section showing you who we have worked with. This way you can see in advance which models will be new to the website in the future.

We will be giving our honest opinion about the models and their personality. There will be no bullshit. If we don’t like the model and don’t plan on working with her again we will give our reasons. To be honest MOST female muscle models are awesome to work with. We will also be including how the shoot went. Hopefully this will get you excited about out future updates on

If you want to see more muscle girls that we worked with at this show, then checkout our other website; We have the same article about muscle girls next door that we worked with at the 2016 IFBB Orlando Europa show.

Muscle Girls Flexing

Lets get started… Here are the female muscle models that we worked with at the 2016 Orlando Europa Show!

Brittany Snell

Brittany Snell is an amateur figure competitor and she looked in great shape. We first saw her at the host hotel about to check in. She was not wearing any fake tan, and her shoulders look amazing! She seemed interested in the modeling but we don’t think she knew exactly what the modeling was about. We gave her a business card and told her to contact us if she is interested.

Later that day she contacted us and arranged a little photo-shoot after she went on stage. Brittany was limited for time, so it was quick. She agreed to do a couple of videos, but we don’t have much content of her.

Brittany Snell was nice and she was great to work with, but her tan!!! I HATE that bodybuilding tan! In my opinion Brittany was too dark, and it was hard to work with in the natural light.

Diana Schnaidt

Diana Schnaidt never disappoints! She is actually a professional model even before bodybuilding. She knows her angles and will make any photographers job very easy.

It is hard to believe that we almost canceled the modeling with Diana Schnaidt on this trip! The thing is, we still have lots of content from her when we worked with her in Miami. After we seen her in person, we turned to jello and was like putty in her hand. But the shoot almost didn’t happen. She got off stage very late and we had to rearrange. It all turned out good though, and we have some amazing new content of Diana Schnaidt!

Erin Knecht

Erin Knecht was a last minute shoot. It can be difficult working with competitors because they don’t know their schedule until after they get off stage. Luckily Erin contacted us after she competed and wanted to model.

We love working with young and fun muscle girls! If you enjoy the models company it does show that in the work. We always get much better content when we are having fun with the models. Erin Knecht is a child at heart and was probably the most fun model to work with at the 2016 Orlando Europa show.

Since Erin was fun to work with the photos and videos turned out great!

Esther Kelly

Esther Kelly is a great model but we had out doubts at first! We have worked with Esther Kelly before at the 2015 Miami USA Nationals. We know Esther looks amazing, but at the Miami show we did not manage to get great quality pictures or videos of her. To be honest, we were not impressed with her shape at the Miami show. She looked skinny and WAY too tanned. We were so un-impressed that we ended the shoot very early!

However we know Esther can look amazing, and we were right! Easther was not competing at the Orlando Europa, which means no bodybuilding tan!!! She also looked bigger and more muscular because she was not competing… And because she gained quite a lot of muscle too!

In Miami we found it hard to work with Esther Kelly, but at this show she seemed like a different person! She was probably shy and nervous the first time. Either wat Esther Kelly is awesome and she looks awesome!

Karla Rodriguez

Karla Rodriguez is a gorgeous muscle girl! We have been talking to Karla for a while, and we did not expect her to have as much muscle as she does! We planned to feature her on because she seemed more like a muscle girl next door… After seeing her flex we were SHOCKED! Her muscles are big!

Since we planned for her to be featured on – a muscle girl next door website, we also included another muscle girl next door in the modeling shoot with Karla. If you like the other muscle girl modeling with Karla then you will need to check out Her name is OC.

We like the look of Karla Rodrigues. She is a gorgeous muscle girl. We decided to work with her twice on this trip. We couldn’t get enough of Karla!

Rosalyn Dudding

Rosalyn Dudding was a HUGE surprise! Rosalyn had contacted us interested in modeling. On the pictures we seen of her she looked ok. In all honesty she did not look special.

We met with her to talk about the modeling and to arrange some photos and videos for the future… When we seen her, we could not believe our luck. She was actually beautiful.

We didn’t see many pictures of her before hand, but we were shocked when we seen her in person. We even contacted our friend Dan Ray and told him about Rosalyn Dudding, and that she was a gorgeous new muscle girl!

Of course we arranged modeling with Rosalyn Dudding and she was a delight to work with. She is very professional, and fun to work with. We have some amazing photos and videos of her!

Muscle Girls Flexing

New Models: Orlando Europa

There you have it! We worked with 6 models; we got 4 new models at the 2016 IFBB Orlando Europa show. Every female muscle model that we worked with turned out to be very nice and awesome. Hopefully we get to work with all of these muscle girls again in the near future.

Hopefully you guys like these muscle girls that we worked with at the 2016 IFBB Orlando Europa show. Let us know which of these female muscle models you like the most! Leave a comment below!

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