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Sarah Williams: A FBB Love Story!


BLOG TITLE: Sarah Williams: A FBB Love Story!
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This is a love story about male female bodybuilding fans and Sarah Williams. She almost was never discovered. This aritle is about what happened behind the scenes and what it took to find the beautiful female bodybuilding; Sarah Williams!


In 2013 was the first female muscle website to feature the beautiful female bodybuilder: Sarah Williams. She was first noticed on stage for the first time at the 2013 British finals bodybuilding show, in Harrogate, UK. Getting Sarah to become a model was not easy!

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A Female bodybuilder Love Story

A Story On How We Met Female Bodybuilder; Sarah Williams!

Written By: Jason Lynch

In 2013 was the first female muscle website to feature the beautiful female bodybuilder: Sarah Williams. I saw her on stage for the first time at the 2013 British finals bodybuilding show, in Harrogate, UK. This was during my 6-week “model search” tour of England. It was hard not to notice Sarah because of her bright blonde hair. Unfortunately she did not do well at that competition.

Sarah Williams Videos: Click Here!

After the British Bodybuilding Finals, I tried to search for Sarah Williams through the other British Female Bodybuilders I had worked with at that event. Know one really knew her, which is strange because female bodybuilding competitions are usually a community and everyone is a mutual friend. It soon came clear to me that on my tour of the UK, I would not meet Sarah Williams. I could not find her anywhere and there was no way to get in contact with her. She did not have social media.

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A few weeks later I was scheduled to attend a low-level amateur bodybuilding show in the UK… The winners of this show qualified for the next years British Finals. I planned to work with Sara Logon, whom is a female muscle model featured on It was the first time I had ever worked with Sara Logon. She seemed cool. She said that her friend is competing at the same show and she would be interested in the modeling as well.

I had arrived at the London bodybuilding event, I did some female muscle videos with a few models: Angie Costi, Terri Griffin, Silvana Imbragno… It was getting late and dark, and I was desperately waiting for Sara Logon to finish her show. I wanted to finish work and go back to my hotel. I was tired.

When I was waiting for Sara Logon to show up, I saw a beautiful female bodybuilder waiting for someone on her own. It was Sarah Williams! This time she had bright red hair. I approached her and started talking to her. She told me she was waiting for her friend to finish competing. It turns out that Sarah Williams was also competing. She needed to re-qualify for the 2015 British bodybuilding finals. This time she won!

Finally Sara Logon showed up and she was prepared for the modeling. I asked her if her friend she told me about will be joining us. She said: “Yes. You were just talking to her… Sarah Williams” – All of a sudden I was no longer tired, and full of adrenaline. That type of luck never happens. A female bodybuilder that I was trying to contact to ask to model just fell on my lap!

To appreciate how lucky I was, or how lucky you are that you are able to watch Sarah Williams videos, you have to understand that she is a very private person. In 2013 she did not have Facebook or any social media… She didn’t even have a cell phone! There was literally no way I could have asked her to model. Sarah Williams almost never got discovered!

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If you have watched the original videos of Sara Logon and Sarah Williams, you will notice that the backgrounds are the same. That is because they are friends and were doing the modeling at the same time.

Even though I personally love Sarah Williams, and thought she was a beautiful female bodybuilder, I was concerned over her short red hair. I was not sure how the female muscle fans of would react to that. As it turned out, the FBB fans had the same opinion as me; She was a hot new female bodybuilder, and a fan favorite!

Sometimes the models you least expect become popular, I did not anticipate the popularity of Sarah Williams. To this day, every time I travel to bodybuilding shows and I meet some fans, they always tell me how much they like Sarah Williams. A German FBB fan at the 2015 FIBO Power Expo said that her loved Sarah’s legs… Sarah Williams does have phenomenal legs!

To this day Sarah is still a pain in the ass to get in contact with! I try to work with her as much as I can because she is fun to be around. And because like many FBB fans, I have a crush on her, and would date her in a heart beat! haha

Sarah Williams Photos:

A Female bodybuilder Love Story

In 2013 Sarah Williams did not place at her female bodybuilding show… In 2014 Sarah became the British Champion and Won the finals. This story started out being negative with Sarah Williams losing, and impossible to work with… But it has a happy ending, and now she is a popular female muscle model on!

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