Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Download The Videos?
Yes!!! ALL of our videos are downloadable. It is very easy to download videos, and there is no bandwidth limits! You can download as much as you like. To download the videos, Click on the download button in the video members area, and save to your computer. Un-Zip the ZIP folder which contains the video, and enjoy!

I Am Having Problems Downloading Videos?!
Make sure you are on a computer. If you are trying to download the videos on a tablet or mobile device you will need you install a third party application to download and save to your device. We recommend Dropbox or WinZIP. These two seem to work the best for our members.

Which Video Formats Do You Use?
We use MP4 and MOV movie formats. This seems to be everyone’s preferred video format. You can download our videos on any computer. Video Lan Player (VLC) plays almost any video. It is a great video player.

What Is The Quality Like of Your Videos & Photos?
High Definition is the way to go! 100% of our videos and photos are High Definition. (720p, 1280×720 HD or higher) When we are recording or taking pictures of the models, we make sure everything is perfect. There are plenty of samples here: Female Muscle Samples.

Why Can’t I Login Anymore?
If you have cancelled your membership, it might have expired. Check your email confirmation you received with CCBILL to see when the dates your membership is set to expire… If you have not cancelled your membership, and you cannot log in contact us immediately to resolve this issue.

I Forgot my Username / Password How Can I Reset It?
If you have forgot your username or password, you can rest it here: For future reference, there is a link at the bottom of the login box that says “forgot password?” Click on that link and it will take you to the password reset page.

Do You Accept PayPal For A Membership Payment?
We do accept PayPal for membership payments, however you need to contact us privately here: info@muscleappeal.com. We only have CCBILL as a payment gateway, but we do accept custom payment requests for female muscle fans that do not have a credit card.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?
We strongly recommend cancelling your membership with CCBILL here: This will guarantee that your account is cancelled and no more payment will be charged. You can contact us here: info@muscleappeal.com. Once we read your email we will cancel your membership, but if the email goes into our “junk” mail folder, we might read it too late. We respond to all emails within a 24-hour period. If we do not reply back, message us again!

I Have Bought A Video But I Have Not Received The Email?!
You should receive the video you purchased in your email in-box about 15 minutes after your payment is complete. Often, the email will be in your junk mail folder. If you have waited 15 minutes, and looked in your junk folder then please contact us ASAP! We will be happy to assist you, and send your videos.