Alison E Sinclair

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NAME: Alison E Sinclair
AGE: 23
WEIGHT: 120lbs
HEIGHT: 5ft 6"





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Posted July 17, 2013 by muscleappeal



Alison - Sexy Muscle Girl Tease

Female Muscle Videos – February 22nd 2014

Alison – Biceps Are Too Big For A Man’s Shirt (February 22nd 2014)
Alison is teasing you with her biceps and she is stroking her feet up her legs. Alison is touching and feeling her biceps. You can see her trying to squish them, but they are simply to big and hard!

Alison - Hard And Sexy

Female Muscle Videos – February 22nd 2014

Alison – Hard Flexing Bicep Peaks (February 22nd 2014)
WoW! Alison has some serious biceps. You MUST check out this video if you like girls with huge bicep peaks. Alison is the queen of peaks. She is REALLY making her biceps them pop out in this video!

Alison - Girls Legs In Bed

Female Muscle Video – February 21 2014

Alison – Legs And Biceps Wild In Bed (February 21st 2014)
Alison is known for her huge bicep peaks, but did you also know she had great legs? In this video you get too see Alison flexing her legs and biceps in bed. The bed is messy and Alison’s muscles are wild!

Alison - Sexy Bicep Girl

Female Muscle Video – February 12th 2014

Alison – Crazy Bicep Peaks In Her Bikini (February 12th 2014)
If you like female bicep peaks, you are in the right place. Alison is the queen of bicep peaks, and she is showing no mercy in this video. She playing with her hair and flexing extremely hard, in a bikini!

Alison - Muscle Girl Bicep Peaks

Female Muscle Video – December 5th 2013

Alison – Massive Bicep Peaks In Bed (December 5th 2013)
Alison’s bicep peaks wont stop growing. Even Alison is impressed with how big they look in this video. She is touching them and teasing you with her massive, and sexy female bicep peaks in bed!

Alison - Hot Girl With Muscle

Female Muscle Video – November 9th 2013

Alison – Bikini And Heels Flexing Everything (November 9th 2013)
Alison is known for her incredible biceps, but she wants to prove that she has a sexy muscular body. She is wearing a bikini, and heels, laying on a sofa. She is flexing her entire body, and its HOTTTTT!!!

Alison - Caution Muscle Girl

Female Muscle Video – October 30th 2013

Alison – Handle These Muscles With Caution (October 30th 2013)
Alison’s biceps peaks are massive. In this video Alison is showing that nothing can stop her biceps from peaking. She uses caution tape which her biceps stretch, and she is also posing in a sexy bikini!

Alison - Muscle Girl Bicep Curl

Female Muscle Video – October 22nd 2013

Alison – Bicep Curls For the Bicep Muscle Girls (October 22nd 2013)
Alison is pumping iron and showing off her bicep strength. Her biceps are huuuuuuge and they have some of the best peaks of all times. They are extra big when pumped up, and extra sexy!

Alison - Classy Muscle Girl

Female Muscle Video – October 11th 2013

Alison – Classy Sexy Muscle Girl In a Dress (October 11th 2013)
Alison is getting hotter and hotter, and now she is teasing you with her muscles. She is stroking her legs and biceps as she flexes. Her muscles are massive and she knows you love it and likes to tease!

Alison - Muscle Girl Bicep Peaks

Female Muscle Video – August 21st 2013

Alison – Flexing Everything In A Bikini (August 21st 2013)
This is the video that makes you fall in love with Alison. She has a perfect muscular body and she is showing it off in a bikini. She even has veins on her abs. Alison has an amazing 6-pack as well as stunning biceps.

Alison - Big Girls Bicep Peaks

Female Muscle Video – August 19th 2013

Alison – Biceps Peaks Are Bigger Than Tennis Balls (August 19th 2013)
Alison’s biceps are unreal. They are seriously massive. We have lots of close up shots of her biceps peaking like a tennis ball. When the camera zooms in on her bicep and she turns her wrist, OMG HUUUGE!

Alison - Girls Biceps Roof Top

Female Muscle Video – August 13th 2013

Alison – Flexing Her Muscles Up On the Roof (August 13th 2013)
This video of Alison will make your jaw drop. It will put you in shock. The size of alison’s biceps are unbelievable. Alison looks beautiful as the wind is blowing her hair as she is flexing her biceps.

Alison - Muscle Girl In The Shower

Female Muscle Video – July 22nd 2013

Alison – Flexing In A Freezing Cold Shower (July 22nd 2013)
This could be the hottest video in the world! Alison is in the shower!!! Just as her arms couldn’t get any sexier she flexes with the water dripping off them. Alison is flexing under an ice cold shower waterfall. So hot!

Alison - Aggressive Muscle Girl

Female Muscle Video – July 19th 2013

Alison – Letting Out Aggression By Flexing (July 19th 2013)
Alison is flexing so hard that her arms are shaking. She looks aggressive and powerful. When her arms shake she keeps flexing harder and harder. Her biceps are incredibly defined with veins bulging out of them.

Alison - Sexy Muscle girl

Female Muscle Video – July 19th 2013

Alison – Flexing Her Biceps Wearing A Dress (July 19th 2013)
Alison is dressed up looking very pretty and feminine. Biceps biceps biceps. She has the best biceps! If you like a muscular woman that looks pretty in a dress than you will love this video!

Alison - Girls Bicep Land

Female Muscle Video – July 17th 2013

Alison – An Adventure In Bicep Land (July 17th 2013)
You can’t get much bigger or better than Alison’s bicep peaks. They are seriously massive! When the camera zooms in on her biceps you will see the biggest female bicep peak ever!!!

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