Karina Pilon

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NAME: Karina
AGE: 28
WEIGHT: 140lbs
HEIGHT: 5ft 6"





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Posted July 20, 2013 by muscleappeal



Karina - Dress And Biceps

Female Muscle Videos – February 21st 2014

Karina – Muscles In A Dress Is Hot (February 21st 2014)
Maybe it is just us. But we have a thing for muscular women in a dress. Do you like this too? We hope you do because Karina is looking stunning as she is flexing her biceps in a new dress!

Karina - Pumping FBB Biceps

Female Muscle Video – February 21st 2014

Karina – Pumping Up Those Biceps (February 21st 2014)
Karina has pretty big biceps, and now we get to see them even bigger! Karina is pumping up her biceps with dumbbells in the gym before flexing. Her biceps are super pumped, hard and sexy!

Karina - Leg Muscle Girl

Female Muscle Video – February 21st 2014

Karina – Big Quads And Shapley Calf Muscles (February 21st 2014)
This is a female leg muscle video featuring Karina. She is flexing her quads at many angles and her calf muscles. you will see her beautiful diamond shaped calves, as well as her biceps!

Karina - Aggressive Female Flexing

Female Muscle Video – November 28th 2013

Karina – Aggressive Powerful FBB Flexing (November 28th 2013)
Oh no, look what you did! You made Karina Angry and now she is flexing so hard her biceps are shaking and her veins are poppingShe is showing you what her muscles are capable of!

Karina - FBB Legs FBB Biceps

Female Muscle Video – November 13th 2013

Karina – Huge Biceps And Legs With Veins (November 13th 2013)
Karina is showing off her bicep biceps wearing a dress and she is flexing her huge vascular leg muscles in heels. Karina has great foot and wrist work to make her biceps and calves peak as much as possible!

Karina - FBB Muscle Caution

Female Muscle Video – August 7th 2013

Karina – Caution Her Muscles Are Dangerous (August 7th 2013)
Karina wraps caution tape around her muscles in a bikini and flexes. You can see the tape stretching to the max as they can not contain her huge muscles. She rips off the tape to reveal her amazing muscles.

Karina - Female Muscle Gym

Female Muscle Video – August 7th 2013

Karina – FBB Flexing All Over The Gym (August 7th 2013)
Karina has massive muscles and she is flexing all of them. The way she can transition from different flexes is beautiful. She looks confident she has attitude, she is flexing hard and aggressive.

Karina - Muscle Girl Flexing

Female Muscle Video – July 20th 2013

Karina – Flexing In A Bikini Head To Toe (July 20th 2013)
Karina’s muscles are huge and very sexy. She is showing off every muscle in her body wearing a bikini as she is relaxing in a chair. This shows how sexy female muscle can really be!

Karina - Huge FBB Leg Muscles

Female Muscle Video – July 20th 2013

Karina – Try These Legs On For Size (July 20th 2013)
WoW WoW WoW!!! Female leg muscle lovers be warned… This leg flexing video of Karina might be too much for you. Her leg muscles are absolutely massive and she has veins all down her legs. In heels!

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